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Organizational Learning and development ; from ab evidece base

[t is now widely accepted that organizational maturity is dependent on being able to reorganize on a continuous basis and learn faster and more effectively than your competitors. Organizations that want to be sure they are competing at the highest level need clear indicators that their organizational learning and development capability is fully functional. This new book by Paul Kearns focuses on the need for an evidence-based approach to learning and development, bringing together the author’s extensive knowledge of HRM and organizational learning with new developments in the field. The book demonstrates how evidence evaluation can improve professionalism in organizational design and development, showing that this approach can create value not just for shareholders, but for employees and society as a whole. Organizational Learning and Development: From an Evidence Base is the perfect book for postgraduate students studying on evidence-based HRM courses and for the reflective learning and development practitioner. ]

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Subjek: Organizational learning -development :employee development

Tahun terbit: 2015

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