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Planning, Development and Management of Ssustainable Cities

[The concept of 'sustainable urban development' has been pushed to the forefront of policymaking and politics as the world wakes up to the impacts of climate change and the destructive effects of the Anthropocene. Climate change has emerged to be one of the biggest challenges faced by our planet today, threatening both built and natural systems with long-term consequences, which may be irreversible. While there is a vast body of literature on sustainability and sustainable urban development, there is currently limited focus on how to cohesively bring together the vital issues of the planning, development, and management of sustainable cities. Moreover, it has been widely stated that current practices and lifestyles cannot continue if we are to leave a healthy living planet to not only the next generation, but also to the generations beyond. The current global school strikes for climate action (known as Fridays for Future) evidences this. The book advocates the view that the focus needs to rest on ways in which our cities and industries can become green enough to avoid urban ecocide. This book fills a gap in the literature by bringing together issues related to the planning, development, and management of cities and focusing on a triple-bottom-line approach to sustainability.
Table of contents:
Tan Yigitcanlar and Md. Kamruzzaman
Peter Newton and Peter Newman
Dorina Pojani and Dominic
Tim Schwanen
Jay Yang, Mei Yuan, Tan Yigitcanlar, Peter Newman and Frank Schultmann
Peter N. Duinker, Camilo Ord o nez, James W. N. Steenberg, Kyle H. Miller, Sydney A. Toni and
Sophie A. Nitoslawski
Stephen McGrail, A. Idil Gaziulusoy and Paul Twomey
Matthew Cohen, Arnim Wiek, Braden Kay and John Harlow
Zhenbo Wang, Xiaorui Zhang and Bo Xu
Hsing-Fu Kuo and Ko-Wan Tsou
Ashwani Vasishth
Sarika Bahadure and Rajashree Kotharkar
Koichiro Mori, Toyonobu Fujii, Tsuguta Yamashita, Yutaka Mimura, Yuta Uchiyama and Kengo
Wendan Zhang, Jian Lu, Ping Xu and Yi Zhang
Sangjong Han, Hwankook Hwang, Seonghoon Kim, Gyu Seok Baek and Joonhong Park
Juliana Ara ujo Alves, Lıgia Torres Silva and Paula Cristina C. Remoaldo
Yuta Uchiyama, Kengo Hayashi and Ryo Kohsaka
Zina Mitraka, Emmanouil Diamantakis, Nektarios Chrysoulakis, Eduardo Anselmo Castro
Roberto San Jose, Ainhoa Gonzalez and Ivan Blecic
Wim Schwerdtner, Rosemarie Siebert, Maria Busse and Ulf B. Freisinger
Hao Chen, Qiyan Wu, Jianquan Cheng, Zhifei Ma and Weixuan Song
Murat Yalcıntas, Melih Bulu, Murat K uc ukvar and Hamidreza Samadi
Tan Yigitcanlar, Md. Kamruzzaman and Suharto Teriman]

Nomor Klas: 307.1416

Subjek: Sustainable development; City Planning; Urban Policy; Green City; Green Economy

Tahun terbit: 2019

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